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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


I've used Samsung for 6 years now. To think that I would come to a samsung forum to post comments about their latest update to my Note 8 is unthinkable. But here I am.


It is apalling that samsung would push this trashy update on its phones. Exploding phones and now this... You've lost many loyal customers because of this.

Losing my eyesight and their changes have made it difficult to see anything. Their fonts are all bubbled no solid font to be found. Now I Can't read my text messages any longer. Calander was pure white on white. Absolute idiocy to make changes that affect the ability to read a thousand dollar phone.
Anyone with a tip on changes to solid font I'd love to know.

I spoke to a guy in a local O2 shop the weekend before last about when I could finish my contract and get a different brand.

He asked me why and I told him and he said he couldn't possibly make a personal comment on it but he had heard a lot of similar from customers recently and people were jumping brands to Huawei and pixel with some people jumping to Sony.

He said he couldn't comment on the update but it was difficult to understand why.


I looked at the Huawei phone and the camera looks pretty awesome the pixel one looks pretty good too.

Both of those brands don't seem to have taken the decision to deliberately break the camera and make it less effective so that's looking like my move I can jump in 1 1/2 months so at least it's not too long

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I actually have an s8+ & when mine updated, I've noticed that my son's note 9 and my phone now have the same features,I think it's GREAT, does anyone know anything about this!? This is what updates SHOULD DO!


I have decided to format my phone to factory settings and delete everything after the update. It seem to be ok after factory settings just have to be used to the change.

They need to do the Samsung theme updates and make it compatible I hate to rebuy again

I need to have mutiple apps open on my screen simultaneously. Now I can't do that. Why?

also, the update is all about graphics for kids. I don't want rounded corners on all my photos.

I don't want a blazing white screen to blind me at night. I want high contrast black, but now I can't use night mode with a theme.

and what's  this stupid "gametools" doing on my status bar?


that and my calendar looks Screenshot_20190423-104354_Calendar[1].jpglike this



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Agreed!!  if I wanted an iPhone I would have bought an iPhone. I don't know why they copied the iPhone layout for the photos, for the closing apps, ect.,  it's very annoying I can't figure out how to do anything on my phone it is a pain i* t** a** when you need something fast.


Samsung, why in the He!! would you do something so goofy?  How does a "Update" remove features from your device?  Much needed and liked features at that.. If you want to loose a large quantity of customers, then keep this update.  I'm already feeling like I dont want this expensive A$$ device anymore due to your poor update.  Sheesh!!!!

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