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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Has anyone tried to get in contact with Samsung?are they working to fix this? I completely agree my s9 is turned to ***** after the recent update, I had just bought it a few months ago . Ironically the s10 just came out. It makes me wonder if all the features got transfered to that model instead. Is a lawsuit truly possible? It's been a decade but I bought my mac for the price of this phone, now its a total rip off.  Something needs to be done. 


You could try to roll back to Oreo as some of us have. There's a how to video on youtube. Took me about 30 minutes. Also, do it from a windows computer, not Mac. 


I friggin LOVE my rolled back OREO!!Screenshot_20190609-132424_Nova Launcher.jpg










The camera is so bad!!
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If I wanted the same look and feel as an iphone, I would have an iphone. I want my virtual BACK button reurned to the os instead of theses lines at the bottom of my screen. Before they did not take up my screen space. Instead the functions including my back button was beautifully not there until I needed it. Now they are always on and I hate it. The rest of my family have iphones and seriously considering switching due to the changes.

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You can change that anytime. You can have it so that the 3 buttons remain on screen permanently or just when you want them, you can change the order, and you can change your icons in the Google theme store to whatever you want. He you like the old style look, you can do that. In fact you can use the previous style theme for Samsung and it will look how it used to, or you you can make it even more amazing than that and get an awesome colourful/entertaining/animated/fancy bling style theme just how you like it. Best thing about Samsung is the personalisation side of things to really make it yours. Out of the bad tweaks they have made that people disliked, this is one that can be resolved I hope this helps


You can't completely hide the buttons, they're still visible along the bottom which is a bit horrible. 

Your talking utter *****e mate, the point your missing is it's all ***** the whole lot. We shouldn't need to go and look for icons or install goodlock to put the clock back and have the nav bar look like it did before Samsung ***** with it all...
Mate Samsung can go ***** itself after this.
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Why waste your time tearing down other users. Don't like the post, then stop reading, simple!!

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