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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Im hoping because this is a samsung site I dont have to do all that extra work... just another thing samsung is making me install apparently..

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I hate the new updates. It is very annoying.
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Worse update yet.....will not be purchasing any more Samsung products till the fix this

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How did you get it reverted? Please tell me i hate this phone now
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How did u get it done??? Please i need my. Old operating system this one sucks
I have been hearing something about 'Odin', and a site to load the Oreo software from. This are the pieces that I heard about. How to use them or apply them I am clueless. I wish I had the procedure to follow.
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The new update is terrible and so full of bugs. Plus, I hate Apple phones; so why is Samsung trying to make their phones look like (and now it seems operate like an iPhone)?  I've been a loyal Samsung user for many years and loved my s9+; but now I'm thinking about getting rid of it because it doesn't function the same.  Just a few extra bugs to note:


1. Unable to access other subfolders in the built in mail app. If I go to other folders, it displays all subfolders, but if I click on any of them they won't even open. 

2. When viewing the calendar, when viewing in day mode and if you swype to advance the week (lets say you're viewing today and you advance two weeks ahead) then you hit the top right button to go back to today it will take you back to today. But now let's say you want to add something to your calendar next week and you swype ahead one week, it will actually swipe ahead 3 weeks (it'll advance one week past the week you were previously viewing). I accidentally put things on my calendar for the wrong day several times because of this bug.

3. All of my smartthings devices disappeared and it won't allow me to add them back

4. Applications that I use for my work no longer work properly and either don't display correctly on the screen or functionality doesn't work and some no longer open. 

5. Step counter no longer works proper. I get about 10000+ steps in each day and now the phone is only reporting less than 500 each day. 

6. Bluetooth devices just disconnect from time to time randomly


I own a company and bought all of my employees Samsung s9+ phones since I loved my phone so much and everything worked fine. Now, all of us are experiencing all of the same bugs and annoyances... so it's not isolated to just my phone... it's happening to all 6 phones (smart things, calendar issues, email subfolder issues, applications problems). I don't know if my employees are having issues with bluetooth and the step counter.  Plus, what's up with the graphical icons at the bottom of the screen that no longer say what the application is? Two of my icons look almost identical and it's helpful to have the name of the application versus simply an icon.  That's something I despise about iphones; so hopefully they bring back the names. 


I hope the bug fix update comes out soon! The phone has become an expensive paperweight, in my opinion. 


I feel the same way  but how do we get action out of the largest maker of android phones in the world? They have our money and took away the phones we purchased. That sounds like robbery. I wonder if the first step is to go to the police, explain the problem/deception/theft and get a report on file? 


Racketeering ?!? 


Samsung needs to be held accountable for their actions actions against those people who purchased their products. I'm thinking that a boycott of all samsung products ; washers, driers, dishwashers, phones, everything . Then I am quite sure they would react. How many stockholders are there? They will feel a boycott. Administration would then be on the heat. 

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