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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Dear Samsung.


You lost me as a devoted customer of 9yrs. My next phone will not be a Samsung. My next TV upgrade will not be a Samsung. My next appliance will never be a Samsung.


So very sorry to have supported you over the past several years. 


Super glad that my microwave isn't on the internet. You may want to upgrade is to a toaster if you could. Happy my washing machine is limited in upgrades to might want to upgrade that to a bubble machine as for my smart TV... I'm thinking I should disable any net access as I don't want it turning into a photo frame..


It's End of an Era for me and Samsung... RIP Samsung..




Likewise, started with S3, I hate the bubbly apple look.  There is nothing wrong with apple hardware, but what kept me away is the "hold your hand" childish bubbly looking interface.  now that google/samsung is following that I will be switching.  Was considering upgrading to s10 from nineplus, but not anymore. 

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I agree. This is a terrible update. If this isn't fixed, I will be switching to apple. As much as it pains me to say this, the new update has removed everything I enjoyed about having a Samsung. I have only bought the s series phones since they came out but I have no reason to continue to use them if this is the new standard that has been set.


There is one difference, though. The "swipe up to kill app" function actually works. On the two ipads I've recently troubleshooted it stopped working after killing one app, meaning you had to restart the d*** thing.


Additionally, RBC wallet has signed out forcing me to have to return somewhere to pay later.  As well as Bixby (no one likes/uses) has re-enebled/installed itself causing all of my google home bxactions settings to fail. The whole point of choosing android was to be able to configure my phonne exactly the way I want. not be forced to use software I have no intrest in at all. 

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Me to its terabillike a child fone and the icon the lookand feel is not nice and the picturs is a mes

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samsumgmus do somthing this in not good whar a terabil update 

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i agree

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same here

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let see if thay lisen i dont thin so 


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