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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


I want a return authorization so I can bring it back for a refund.  I agree totally! If I wanted a Fisher-Price play toy I would have gone to Walmart.  This is now not the phone I tried out and purchased at the store. Changing it after a customer buys it is CRIMINAL!!  Someone needs to start a civil lawsuit against Samsung for  malicious mischief and criminal damage. Destroying someones personal property  is a crime.  They need to put it back the way it was when I spent $1100.00 on it!!


I HAD to update my Samsung 9 as well today and I dont normally write feedback unless it's really terrible and horrible updates! This update is so terrible it has to be mentioned!! I had my Samsung for about 10 months and I loved it inside and out! The previous software worked perfect for me and my day to day tasks and since the update, I HATE using my phone! A lot of the features in older version like detailed locked screen information or the ability to see time when phone is in screen saver mode. I find my phone is a lot slower since the update and many apps crashing, that never crashed with older version! I was about to leave a great feedback for my Samsung so, till their new update. Please bring back the older version!!! 


Looks like a completely unprofessional cheap child phone now. All personal settings lost & most not able to be used or returned to close to original if @ all. Large heading in the app tell you your in that app & block over half of screen! If you open messages half the screen just say messages! With keyboard up cant see what is on more than half the screen! I can read & I know what app I'm in. What a waste! This is the single worst downgrade I've ever seen. Really couldnt get worse! If not patches coming to reverse this waste I will & would advise others to find products with different operating systems to avoid this train wreck of frustration. If anyone can advise to reverse any or all of this I beg you to share with me & us!


Just looking @ all the new apple like app icons for dummies make me endlessly frustrated & perplexed as to how this could be viewed as a positive or upgrade.?


This update really sucks, here's the reasons why: 


@SugarBunnies wrote:

Closing the apps feature is so complicated, you have to swipe up instead of swiping left or right which is more difficult to do if you're using one hand!


Navigation bar. Please bring the double tap 。 back, right now it's either have that thick nav bar taking up your screen space or hide it completely which, is very very annoying because you often close apps accidentally when you're scrolling with one hand. 


Multitasking. Before, you can just tap the double window button on the top of an app to use multiscreen but right now you have to press and hold an app, then wait for a slide to pop up and select multi-window, which is really inconvenient and not user-friendly.


File management. It was much easier to rename, relocate, add folder back then, now when you try to relocate, copy, share, delete a file, the option appear on the bottom of the screen, yet, the options to rename, add shortcut, etc. still remain on the top right corner of the screen, which is very very inconvenient.  You either move these options altogether or leave them where they were...Shouldn't ONE UI be easier to use? RIP one hand users.


WIFI. After thr Pie update, you swipe down the slider, tap WIFI, try to see which WIFI is available, HOWEVER, it does not update automatically! and the WIFI list stayed at the last manual search....what?! I have to open settings then search nearby WIFI manually. SIMPLY RIDICULOUS!!


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Just received my update for my S8+

Have to agree with you. Awful update, maybe designed by a 5yr old.

I don't know what's happened with my phone but half the contents of my settings screen I can't even read anymore.

It's a black background with a slightly lighter black writing with some writing in white underneath to explain sub folders.

Absolute ***** from Samsung


AGREE!  I spent HOURS working through solutions after the last update 7 - 10 days ago, changing settings back so it stayed unlocked at home, so it wouldn't auto-dial after a text, so it wouldn't have 'accidental touches" constantly pop up ... a host of things. And that only touched on what I could fix, not what I couldn't that I was just dealing with. And then yesterday, ANOTHER update comes through and I'm all excited thinking they are changing things back.




All the initial problems I had fixed? THEY ARE BACK!   I. AM. LIVID. 


And let's not even talk about my battery issues. I go from 90% to 20% in the overnight hours, when my phone is in DO NOT DISTURB mode, sitting on my nightstand. Yeah, that's awesome.


I saw the new update and thought the same, but no. I think too focused on making a folding phone 🤦‍♀️
This is the first time in a decade I've been truly disappointed and pissed off at Samsung.

I also noticed they made a change to the video button while you're in the camera. It used to be quick to access it and now you have to scroll through a menu to get the video button, what on Earth were they thinking?!
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As well as not being able to read a lot of the settings screen, I've also just found out that my calender only shows the dates for every Sunday. All the other days of the month I have to guess.
Shame there's not somebody out there who knows the emsil address for the Samsung CEO........

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