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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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I just did the update last night. The first thing I'm noticing is the notification bubbles for wifi, sound, location, etc are terrible. I'm nearsighted and could tell at a glance if something was off or on. Now it's a light blue background with a light green on indicator. There is no contrast there. It's as bad as Ecobees light yellow background with white numbers.

Does anyone know if this is a theme thing, or is there a way to change these?

Thanks in advance.

I guess it's the theme. If you remember the name of your theme you can look for updates. I had the same issue and was lucky to find an update that fixed this issue. Otherwise you will need to choose another theme/wallpaper...

DOWNLOAD ODIN 3.13.1 from this link :


Then Download your phones Firmware from this link :


FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE TEE FROM THE site. And it should work for you as it did for me, I also watched a YouTube video where a guy flashed his s6 from Samsung Pie back to it's original form and followed his process with my S9. It really helped now I love my phone again because I couldn't stand that PIE forceful garbage update. It looked just like a wanna be google phone iPhone. I couldn't deal with it or I would've broke and changed phones and companies. Hope this information helps!

did anyone reply.
Mine has done the same its disappeared since i have done the new update and the icons are like childs buttons

I am not really tech savvy so my question to you might sound stupid. But when I make a phone call the background lighting flashes fast. Does yours do that? I have epilepsy and it is bothering me and I cant figure out how to turn it off. 


I'm not sure about that. But you might want to try the Samsung store so they can adjust it for you.


I hate this new update!  It looks like a phone for toddlers.  Nothing is user-friendly anymore.  I even lost some apps out of nowhere.  If Samsung doesn't fix this I am running to the nearest Apple Store!

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I hate it! How do I go back to the old way?
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Thank you!

Disbling videos worked.

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