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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


I had the same Issue, where my themes wouldn't work after i updated my s9+  but I saw that there was an update button next to my theme in the theme store so i pressed update and now my theme works correctly. On the theme page, it also says that " if i updated my OS and my theme isnt working, that i can get the updated version in the theme store ( for free) next to my theme and that not all designers put out an updated version.  I hope this helps someone. 

  I am using the [aire] Red Grace theme.


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I tried other themes too... It still does not work. Why each screen buttons are round shaped? It is not even an optimal use of buttons. Especially settings screen design sucks. Desıgner must be thinking we are blind or something! And in order to undo the update, I have to back up all my files and format my phone!!! WTF dude. Why it's so hard to undo an update?


Just discovered another thing they've screwed up with the Pro mode camera, the pre-sets for the white balance (cloudy, indoors, etc...), have all been removed, and now there is just the slider bar!


I found them really useful, they were quick and easy to use, and now they've just made it worse!


This is not the pro mode camera that I paid for!


I had a thought overnight - the changes that have been made on the S9|S9+ -- how many of those rolled out in the S10? Did they HAVE to make the changes on the S9|S9+ because those were *new* features on the S10?  I'd be VERY interested in playing with a S10 and checking out it's features, I think. 


****I filed for a class action suit this morning. I'll keep everyone updated.**** 

Signed and a lengthy reason for signing (this pie downgrade) submitted. Thank you.
Btw, can't even access this here forum account on a desktop, only through the phone. These people aren't even programmers anymore.

Omfg yes. The camera..... that was my lively hood. I travel all over West Virginia , Virginia and parts of Kentucky for my job. I take pictures EVERYWHERE I GO.  Photography has been a hobby of mine as far back as I can remember! With this phone, I didnt have to carry along my expensive camera and I felt much better not doing so. I was always afraid someone would rob me of it, bust my windows to get into my vehicle to get it if I left it in site. Best camera on a phone I have ever seen. May not have all lighting and certain options a real camera would have but it blew my mind. Now it blows my mind how an update could do that to my camera?!! What in the hell??!


I call it criminal theft that they took away features we PAID for such as a Pro-like camera and video. 

That's been my assumption all along. This roll out is an enablement move for the new flagship devices.

I'm im the uk.....  I just got off of the phone with my mobile phone provider (EE). They have been told by Samsung that they will be rolling out another update within the next week that pretty much returns the phone to its previous state (oreo).... fingers crossed this is true!!

When you purchased this device were these camera capabilities some of the main reasons you choose it over the other phone options?
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