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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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well if I go through this forum it's clear a stupid update Samsung so take note
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Also makes the phone look like ots in child mode!!!!

I agree!

I spoke to Samsung Customer Care Australia today.


They remarked that I am not alone with my complaint as they have recieved a lot.  His word were there are a lot of other samsung users out there voicing the same issue. He also said there was no way possible to roll back and no current fix. He did say the best way to be heard was to use the feedback option on the Samsung Members app. There is a blue icon in the bottom right hand corner, clicking on that will open the feedback option.


File a complaint (or many as I have mentioning every issue I am encountering or discover). I will continue to file feedback daily untill its fixed. I am not even 1/2 way into 24mth contact and not in a possition to change to a new phone right now. However when I do, it wont be another samsung.

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Yup. Worse update ever. Now when i unlock my phone the screen is going black before it eventually unlocks. Also i loved the camera feature when you can use pro mode for videos tonset yourbown brightness especially in poor lit areas, now they remove it and can only be done with pics. This sucks


- Even though it looks ugly, I can deal with the kiddie look.

- Even though the previous layout was better, I'll get used to this one.


What I will NOT get used to however, is the fact that Samsung COMPLETELY REMOVED pro mode for video. As a result we are now unable to adjust ISO, white balance, manual focus, etc. when filming, making this €1000,00 phone completely useless for me as I use it for work to record vlogs and presentation videos. I used to record fantastic videos on this device and now it's nothing more than a "start to record; stop to stop recording" camcorder with grainy images, autofocus jumping all over the place and NO way to manually adjust anything for shooting videos. THIS IS 2019 SAMSUNG, NOT 2005!


For those of you who say it's to boost the S10: Things are even worse. The S10 has this update as well...


Thus, I will not be going for Samsung this time around. I guess they want me to go to a different brand. Ridiculous Samsung! Absolutely unacceptable.

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There is something WORST happening, that a lot of people didnt noticed yet.

A problem in 4k 60fps videos since the update. They do not work well on any computer anymore. Any bug or codec issue, just play a black video with sound. I've test a lot, and found out on Youtube that this happend with everyone that I talked.

I work with video and since the update I cant use pro mode, and the automatic mode do not even work well on 4k 60fps anymore.
I'm glad you said that thieumesmo, I thought it was just me, and there was a problem with my video player on the pc.

The screwing up of the camera/video is the thing that really annoys me the most about this whole mess!

Unless they fix it, I'm going over to Huawei - screw the S10!

This phone is no longer the phone that any of us actually purchased. That's unacceptable… in fact, it's actually criminal.

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