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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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You've reset settings, removed and readded the account, then wiped cache partition also? There's alot more notifications in the Gmail app as opposed to previous sw versions and app versions. Make sure your app itself is updated. 9/10 times removing an email account and re-adding it will correct anything you have "off" in terms of it not acting properly.

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Rubbish.. Samsung tailor their own version of Android especially the UI
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Nope, its Samsung which tailor Android for their phones
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Rubbish lol . You've said you had done "everything short of a reset," yet, you blame the manufacturer for an app that has nothing to do with them. To boot, you fail to mention what steps you've actually performed  aside from placing blame on Samsung . Look, I've had everything from an s2 skyrocket to the note 9 and there hasn't been an app issue that can't be fixed by doing the above steps . So yes, "rubbish." 


What are you talking about? This Pie update sucks. I have a Note 9 that I loved until this crappy update. There's no app that will fix all the things they removed from their top of the line phone! They should give you the option of messing up your phone with a ***** update, especially since we are paying for our phones!! My friends have a different phone provider and it wasn't even rolled out to them yet because it sucks! Good luck with your rubbish apps...

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I sure hope so because I'm missing very important emails and I can't do a factory reset.  I shouldn't have to. 

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That's so true! I keep saying that. It seems like it has been designed by a toddler! I hate the icons like that and I would like to get better notifications for what'sapp for example. Now, I can only see the small icon on the screen when it is locked, not the preview like before. Hey Samsung, if you are reading that, please do something


I actually did a factory reset. It fixed nothing (smart stay als no longer works) and somehow the backup didn't restore any of my data so it's taking me forever to get it set up again. 

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I REALLY hate it, i though the original was simple, and beautiful, transparent icons with color in their lines, now, plan bulcky basic colors, I barely get notifications even having EVERY notification ON, the screen rotates only on some apps, the camera is *****tier, holdign down you could record a video, now it snaps photos. Images in general used to be fit to screen sometimes, now i see images in different apps that leak to the sides of the screen.

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