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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Sorry.. Double post due to lagging phone now.. Thanks pie


Seems Samsung has seen the opportunity to dumb down & force previous models back to basic while S10 keeps the goodies. How can a company offer a pro video option on s9 then disable it? Yet the s10 has it. Pie update is a downgr


So many malfunctions, issues and poor navigation changes in this downgrade.


It's why I created a  Petition to be heard


Doesn't seem that Samsung is listening.


The next phone I buy is definitely not going to be a Samsung phone

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This is exactly what I need to know!!! This is horrible and my notifications for gmail just STOPPED working and I've tried everything possible except a factory reset.  Sooooo frustrated. 


I heard yesterday that there is supposed to be another update coming out in a few weeks. I'm hoping that samsung has heard its customers cries for help. We will see .... 


I'm also a fan of hating this pie update.

It's totally killed my Timely alarm clock app and then the pre installed Samsung clock alarm DOESN'T WORK.  Two mornings in a row now, it has failed to go off at all.

From what I understand many alarm clock apps are experiencing failures with this new update.  After 10 years with Samsung this is the final straw in solidifying my decision to move to the Google Pixel phone, it was rated best android phone last year by a huge user margin.

You had a great thing going Samsung, until you started trying to be an iPhone.


Well said!

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Exactly! If we notice something is not right and it's not there, then it cannot be considered as the so called intuitve UI. I myself is a UI/UX designer,  the new UI is definitely a visual shocking to me (BUBBLES design everywhere! It doesn't look professional at all. Can please reduce the "border-radius")


@Maxozone wrote:
If I had step by step directions I would feel better about it. I am not a wiz on phones. I see notes in the playstore Odin that says somethign about Rooting. To me that is formatting your hard drive and starting over. I am not familiar with it. I am proud that you are so knowledgable. If you cold share with me in a PM how to accomplish it I would be grateful.

I PM'd you last week with details on how to downgrade.


@Arya1999 wrote:

Yes, please explain how to do it! The worst thing is that I can't unlock my phone with OK Google anymore. "OK Google, switch off the lights" "You have to unlock your phone to do that". What's the POINT?! 

I most likely won't provide links here because of the forum mods not liking us downgrading our devices. I can either PM you the details or a five minute search can find the details.


I now own a ***** a phone

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Go to settings>advanced features>motions & gestures and turn off "direct call." This is what allows the device to call the contact or the contact showing on your sms's..

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