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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

If I had step by step directions I would feel better about it. I am not a wiz on phones. I see notes in the playstore Odin that says somethign about Rooting. To me that is formatting your hard drive and starting over. I am not familiar with it. I am proud that you are so knowledgable. If you cold share with me in a PM how to accomplish it I would be grateful.

Yes, please explain how to do it! The worst thing is that I can't unlock my phone with OK Google anymore. "OK Google, switch off the lights" "You have to unlock your phone to do that". What's the POINT?! 


@MalibuKelly wrote:

isnt it funny and conciencdental that the new S10 is out when they made us swallow this update in our s9 or s9+ that has ruined everything....thanks Samsung you suck!  i get done texting set my phone down it calls the last person i texted i have tried everything to disconnect this.  I have now butt dialed or unintentionally made over 100 calls since this update vs maybe 20 butt dials in two years come on Samsung fix this *****!! Guess they want us to go back to Apple????

Foreal! I guess that's what they want. Pulling stunts apple would pull. No other explanation. 


This one I was able to fix. To STOP the AUTO DIAL after a TEXT:


Go to Settings --> Advanced Features --> Motions and Gestures --> Turn OFF Swipe to Call or Send Messages.


The above solved that problem for me. One down, a dozen to go. 


That is an interesting observation. I believe that is like "Racketeering" isn't it?

Been with Samsung since S5. Seriously considering going back to the "Dark Side" (Apple) after being forced to update. I REALLY Hate everything about the update.

I charged up my old SGH-T999 and got it online this morning.


You nailed it, been using Samsung devices for over 10 years. This is the first time, I am a little annoyed due to the clock location, the swipe up to close apps and lack of a toggle navigation feature. 


But it is up to Samsung to adjust things for its customers


The hash tag "#DoWhatYouCant" pfff 

I agree with your items, there is the whole raft of things they did that pissed me off! It is the bait and switch tactic that they pulled globally on this update that chaps my ass!
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