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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Along with signing the Petiton to fix it at change dot org..


I recommend everyone phoning their telco provider and demand a new phone/brand if they are in contract as what was sold no longer is the same product.






That is a wonderful idea!! Thank you!

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I hate this update so much, the new features are so annoying and the UI looks so childish.


please sign the petition to end this:

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Just updated this morning without realizing I was gonna end up with stupid icons. A locked navigation bar which is the dumbest thing, some apps get cut off now and exit them by mistake. The clock on the lock screen. Seriously Samsung. I changed over from apple cause of their bull ***** please sort it out and reverse it!


Has anyone else noticed their battery life is significantly shorter after the update?

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Yes actually now you say it 10:39am here and was 100% at 8 am but now at 40% Samsung galaxy s9 here too


Yes I have noticed it in a big way. I have only had it a month and got used to it, now I have to put it on the charger in the latter part of the day.


I hope and wish and pray that Samsung will really do something. This 'bait & switch' tactic they pulled just breaks my heart. I never expected to be treated like this after being such a loyal customer for so many years/

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My phone just updated to one ui, and its like a 5 year old has taken my phone, its looks like its for kids, the time has moved from one side to the other for no reason, the entire phone just feels cheap and nasty now, why did you think this was a good idea?


It horible, I just want my old grown up phone back, how do i get rid of these over sized kiddy buttons, put the time back in the right place, on the right every time i pick my phone up i find something else has changed and for the worse!


How was this approved?


It just looks stupid, what possed you to make these changes?


Yep. My phone was perfect. People asked me how I liked it and I always recommended it to people. Not anymore. 

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