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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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How do I post my own hatred of the February Update?  I cannot find a post button - typical for Samsung.   It's so bad I'm getting rid of Samsung FOREVER.  I only have one eye and it can hardly read.  I have to memorize things.  Now I am lost, I can't do anything anymore.  Everything right is now on the left, and vice-versa, everything up is now either down or hidden in the middle, and vice-versa.  Icons that were nice and crisp are now rounded and blurry to me.  Words have replaced icons - I can see icons but I cannot read words.  Often one button has been replaced by two - so to add a contact now takes multiple correct button hits and I fail to find one of them.


IMO this is a purposeful downgrade to force us to buy an S10.  No, I just bought my S9 for over $1000 and I'll go to Google Pixel.

Hi, You could try contacting these Samsung folks (this is the UK link) to see if they can roll the phone back to the earlier version. I don't know if they will be able to, but worth a try.
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No because this isnt an android update that changed the UI, samsung makes their own UI for android, most phone companies take the very basic android operating system and build in a whole different user interface, put in their own base apps and so on, thats why the user interface is so different between phones


The battery drain issue is common in all brands and models updated to pie. I had a Pixel with the enormous battery drain issue before giving up and getting my S9. I jumped through all the hoops to try to remedy the issue, changing settings, factory reset...ECT... This was back in August, never a peep from Google about the issue so I doubt Samsung will chime in. Bottom line for me is I won't be updating to pie.

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isnt it funny and conciencdental that the new S10 is out when they made us swallow this update in our s9 or s9+ that has ruined everything....thanks Samsung you suck!  i get done texting set my phone down it calls the last person i texted i have tried everything to disconnect this.  I have now butt dialed or unintentionally made over 100 calls since this update vs maybe 20 butt dials in two years come on Samsung fix this *****!! Guess they want us to go back to Apple????

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thats exactly my thoughts they forced this update down our throats while releasing the S10 so ironic!!!!  I am going back to apple I spent $980 on my S9+ and now its a ***** phone for sure!

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I only noticed that I got the update a couple weeks ago, I was hoping some things would look better.. what botgers me the most is the look of the navigation bar..uggghh it looks like a Chinese knock off and everything else just looks so ***** cheap, this is annoying the sh"t outta me and I wish I had never updated my S9

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To think of it. It did that too but I didn't text that much and it auto dialed the last text number 3 times. 


I factory reset my phone at last. Didn't backup well enough so lost a ton of data.


It appears that the AOD clock style showing scheduled all day events from Calendar shows tomorrow's events too with no way of differentiating which is today's and which are tomorrow's.


And what is Samsung's response to all of this "hopefully you'll get used to it"! What a joke!


There's no way I'm upgrading to the S10 after all this!

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