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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie



Click posts then visitor posts and read the responses from Samsung. Most are "we are sorry you feel this way" or "hopefully you'll get used to it soon" absolutely appalling considering the overwhelmingly negative feedback! Post on their wall or send message directly.


Oh and it just eats my battery.

So basically, they're saying get used to it, because they just don't care about all the negative feedback, and they're not going to bother doing to do anything about it!


What kind of customer service is that?!


I wonder how many customers this will lose them in the long run, I can't see many getting another Samsung after this!


 #dowhatyoucant @Samsung #Samsung seems like an appropriate hash there is now a lot I cant do with my S9 after the upgrade. So far no responses besides "you will get used to it". Huh! I will not be ugrading to the S10 and where possible will not be recommending Samsung to anyone I know as your after purchase customer service is non-existent.


a rant i posted to my facebook page..... I am so over this but I am stuck to my S9 for another year and 4 months!!!  


Oh yes, and battery life is now S9 has become a gloried landline as I have to keep plugging it in to charge!  


A lot of people are experiencing problems with their battery life after the update.  Is Samsung's answer to that, "hopefully you'll get used to it", as well?


The icons do make the phone look like a child's toy! 

I also hate bixby. It's usless and annoying. 

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Useless phone now. No longer able to travel without charger for a long period of time. Icons are poorly designed and i hate how they split the battery and time apart on the notification bar at the top. Additionally new notification icons only appear in the middle of the sceen on lock. Before i could see the app icons at the top. Makes it impossible to see with certain wallpaper.

And... I'm back on my carriers Oreo through the use of Odin with a warranty that's still intact (Warranty Void: 0 (0x0000). I have also gone ahead and disabled update notifications with a package disabler. I should not have to do these things. This was such a great phone and UX/UI on Oreo...


Good job Samsung, I'm very disappointed that you're now just another company that I have to be weary of when it comes to updates. Especially when I see things from the moderators with their damage control saying that the warranty will be invalid and future updates will not be compatible - this is incorrect.



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Try turning off the "direct call" setting to fix the calling during text issue.


As far as Im concerned Samsung is just a garbage product now. I was going to preorder the S10 by Samsung but after this newest update that ruined my $700 phone I'm over it this is absolute garbage. Are you listening to your customers?#Samsung #garbage #samsungsgarbage #iphonesbetter

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