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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

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I agree, I'm not liking the new update. I got a certain notification sound from my daughter's dexcom app. with the previous version. Now it is just a normal notification sound, so I can't tell what is what...

Also, I do not like how there is a big section that says "Messages" in the message app. I obviously know where I'm at in my phone and it already tells me how many unread texts I have and for what person.




I just updated today and the first thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a way to show only certain contacts. I had a lot of my contacts filtered out, but now they are all listed there and I don't like that. (After reading the comments here, I'm sure I'll discover many other things I also don't like, unfortunately!) 

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I 100% agree. Mine didn't update until yesterday, but I already hate the new update. It is almost like they are trying to make it more like an iPhone, and there are reasons I don't want an iPhone. One of the numerous reasons happens to be a *****ty interface. 

In addition, some of my apps no longer function. They try to activate with their standard layout, but the phone glitches as it tries to force the new layout oo top of it.

Samsung, stop being stupid and put my phone back the way it was. That's why I bought it. Honestly, I will probably buy a Huawei phone next time if Samsung keeps up this kind of *****.

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Could you tell me how you did that this update is very annoying and seems very childish.
What has Samsung done

Yup, got a Samsung because I liked the last theme. Now I wish I didn't convert to Samsung from apple 


Samsung change it!!!!! Everyone hates it. 


I'm glad I'm not the only person that doesn't like the way that the messages now have half the screen taken up with MESSAGES when you go into it!


I tried going into my wifi settings and hovered over the network I wanted to forget but couldn't read the options to find the forget network option as the background and wording were both white. Can I change this? I tried reapplying my theme but no change.

Try to find out the name of your theme/wallpaper. If you are lucky there is allready an update to fix this. Otherwise you will need to choose another theme... (I had the same issue “white letters on white background”, but I was lucky and found an update on my theme that fixed this issue)
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