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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Totally screwed up my 5 email accounts, an no longer veiw all on one screen.  Can anyone  suggest a way to undo the lastest OS update on S9.  


At suggest how to undo last update or force the phone to request an OS update.


Google should fire the developers of this latest version!!!


Most aweful, TERRIBLE software update EVER! The icons are so bland I can hardly tell them apart  the sound notifications (for charging etc) are not recognizeable, and the camera software is now RUINED having shuffled all my settings and changed interface.... Terrible. Terrible. 

It's awful
Ruined everything
I agree. Stupid changes that ruined what made it great. Make Android Great Again,
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You named everything I hate about this update I'm they need to change it back Asap!!!

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Totally agree. This update was not fact why has changed so much. Everyone i speak to hates it and will be going down the iphone route next time. Its horrible

What worries me is, that now that Samsung have got their S10 coming out, they don't care about people having problems with an older model, because they want us to upgrade.


Soon they'll be saying how great the camera is on the new phone, and how it's the best one they've ever had - just like they did with the S9, before they ruined it!


Samsung don't care that we hate the new update, they don't care that it's screwed up so many features. They've already got our money, they're not interested in us, or our opinions!


@SugarBunnies wrote:

Update: I no longer see the rotate button. This is so frustrating! I regret doing the upgrade 

The rotate button changes its name, it is called "standing" or "automatic rotating" or something like that, and mine was found as one of the last buttons. (Swipe from right to left to find the rest of the buttons) When you push on the 3 dots on your left side above, you can now change the order of the buttons. Place it as one of the first 5 buttons of the row, and you will easily find it back on top of your screen...


The email is still screwed up.


I sent 5 pictures from my tablet to my usual email address, and it has duplicated them 6 times, so that the email has 30 pictures attached to it!


This is an absolute joke! Are Samsung actually looking into fixing this mess of an update?

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Since mine has updated I no longer have the multi window feature 😫 

It's not in the advanced settings either 

So frustrating!!

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