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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie

You're very easily irritated.
I'll engage no further 😂 it's boring now.


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Hi guys.


Hating on the update is cool. (Even if it's best to offer constructive criticism and feedback to stuff like updates, I understand the feelings from you all here.)


Hating on each other, not so cool.


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Thank you 🙂


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@sizzygal wrote:

how do i change back to the previous software. This one is so effing bad. . the design is bad... the notification is bad... and the camera features is so effing bad now.


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I 100% agree.  This latest update is a nightmare. I feel like I'm having to learn how to use the phone all over again.  Took me ages to master the old version.  Please reverse this, sort it out and try again.  


Also writinging on a picture with the s-pen doesnt work when you try to save it.

Sharing is possible but saving not.

Please fix this.



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I'm not a fan of the update either for the new location of the clock and the look of the recent cards, but multiwindow is still there. Touch the recent tabs button. Then touch the circle icon of the app you want to split screen. You'll have the options of app info, open in split screen, open I'm pop up view, or lock this app.


Many thanks Awwwyeah1 


It would be nice if someone from Samsung actually took the time to tell us what they'd changed, why they had changed it (especially things that were working perfectly well before), and if they actually believed these changes were an improvement!




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