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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Half your screen isn't wasted, it's there so you can reach the top message with ease, simply scroll down a little and you can go back to breaking your thumb to reach the fisrt message.


This is a non issue and isn't the reason why anyone hates the new update.

An emoji is just a code that's interpreted by the receiving device which then uses whatever symbol it has stored for that code. What it looks like on your phone is not how it's seen on Twitter, that depends on the device it's being VIEWED on. You can continue to use emojis, they only look different TO YOU.

Was notified of a new FW update yesterday for my S9,  and choose to do so purely because of a security fix, but sadly the option came with a clear message that upon uploading the new FW version it will not be possible to wind back, so now I'm officially stuck with the hideous 30th Jan 2019 FW changes.

I'm over Samsung screwing my phone,  so what are experts recommending as a good replacement, no bigger than S9 with same or better fetures and battery life. Prefer to avoid the inconvenience of switching to IOS (the time to learn a new operating system etc ) but will consider.


I plugged my newly updated phone into my PC to add some audio books and a beep went initially to show that I'd connected.  Then my phone went blank and nothing I could do would bring it back to life.  Then after about 15 seconds I got the screen lit again, but no connection.  Looked on my PC screen and no connection.  Now the thing won't connect at all.

Some things, I like.  Most are merely new.  It's slower than it was.  The icons are not clear for my 56 year old eyes, without dragging out my glasses each and every time, which I didn't need before this update.

Dreadful thing.  I've used Samsung on O2 for around 15 years or more now.  Perhaps I'll change when my contract comes up for renewal.  Either add an option to reverse the process back to 8, or else make it work properly, Soon!

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