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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


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How can I change it back without losing everything? 9 is awful!

I researched how to go back. From what all the experts say, it's doable, and they give you the steps  but it's risky...and th there's a lot to it. I didn't try...

I did but it can be a bum clenching operation lol 

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Does anyone know how to make it so when you quick reply to a message in your notifications the notification goes away, rather than showing your response?


Probably disable the messages notification. I must say I am still trying to get my head around the new notification system as it appears to have gone from really simple to bloody impossible with this new update.


Note s8 location services cant keep my safe places and now the upgrade is S__T.

Bring back stackable apps!! Still fumbling through the changes.

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Try the Bixby remapper application--works like a charm on my S8+ to prevent Bixby being rammed down my throat.


You could download good lock app there's something in there that'll let you change the position of the clock at least.

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Yup, I've tried a half dozen different themes now and somehow they all look like a grade one class project.  I loved my phone, I just switched from Apple to Samsung and now this update makes me want to go back.  Everything about it is garbage and completly unneccessary.

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The only good thing about this update is the option to set different notification tones for contacts instead of just ringtones.

Suddenly I can't costumize the messenging app with backgrounds and colors?

And the time being on the left set my OCD off. The left should only be for notifications you can swipe away.

Aesthetically I don't like how everything suddenly had rounded corners and is spaced far apart 

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I agree, it's a backwards step, and looks terrible, plus everything is slower and some functions don't even open. The lag time for opening is worse and my phone asks me to restart! Never happened before the update. 


OK!?  f I wanted an iPhone I would have bought one...*but I didn't*...I wanted a Samsung Android user experience. 

*Can you put my open programs back as cascading windows instead of iPhone cards??  I don't want an iPhone(!).  

*Where is split screen???  Been Googling for answers & cannot find it...keep finding old highly SEO'd answers (old answers come up first)

*Please put my clock back on the top right

*Please make my clock bigger again or give me option to do so without downloading a new skin/OS, whatever

*Please give back more of the options to *easily* use the features that were so uniquely Samsung Note 8 Droid Verizon 

*Please give us more uniquely AWESOME Samsung/Droid features instead of this Psuedo-iPhone situation 

I've stayed Droid over 10 years because I love the multitask, seeing multiple things at once, not iPhone.


...if they are going to force the iPhone user experience on me then I might as well go get an iPhone w/ the easy connection to other iPhone users and horrible user experience...really, really, REALLY don't like this update. Today holds my 1st Samsung community comments ever BTW, possibly the last since they are pushing us over to iPhone😔🤦🏾‍♀️

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