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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


"By the way, Brits and EU citizens, you're well within your rights to send the phone back and ask for a refund as it is no longer the phone with the features you bought it for" 


Is this true? Im a UK user who just installed the update and my god is it terrible. I would love to scrap the phone altogether now as this has ruined the phone for me

Also, would I need to contact my network provider or Samsung themselves?

If this is true, this is literally the best news. EU to the rescue as always

I've just had it confirmed by Samsung that it is not possible to downgrade, hence I've just asked the follow up question of a refund authorisation.

Note, I think I could probably downgrade by doing a manual firmware flash in the phones recovery mode, but that brings other risks and a forced phone reset at the same time.


Yeah I'm currently on live chat with Samsung who said the same to me. Even if I could roll it back myself I wouldn't just on principle, why should we take time out of our day rectifying a f*cked up UI that nobody wanted or asked for?


Samsung has been of zero assistance BUT -- While ATT refused to replace the phone with a different one, they DID agree to send me a new S9+ under my warranty with hopes it will have oreo installed. It will be here in a couple of days and if it does, I can assure you, I won't be doing the update.


I have another gripe about the apps management screen (if anyone is keeping a list). How does it decide which apps to display as cards and which to put as icons at the bottom of the screen? I find that getting back to any open app is a crapshoot. There's no logic to which ones stay open and which are closed. It renders the app management screen almost pointless. 

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I did post this previously, but if you install the good lock app, then quick star, you can get your clock back onto the right hand side of the screen. Hope this helps

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Does anyone know how to get my old pre update photo camera back? The new one is awful and useless! Key reason I bought Samsung was for its camera - this one is worse than iPhone (and there was a reason I limit iPhone to my work phone!) Please help! 


The downgrade in the camera quality is the thing that annoys me more than anything else. I bought this phone because of the camera, and it's pro features, and now they have been taken away!


And what has been Samsung's response to all of this "hopefully you'll get used to it - oh and if you don't, here's the new S10, with all the camera features that you used to have, but we have deliberately taken away from you"!

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Right! Like, why change the features that made us buy the phones in the first place!?

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