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I can't record my screen on S9

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Hello, I have an s9, everytime I try to record my screen with game luncher, it says "can't record video, try again later"

Even with a third-party app it doesn't work, is it a security thing now, because before this September it was working fine, what should I do?

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I got the same problem. They've also brought back the touch screen keyboard glitch that when typing the middle characters of the keyboard on the note 9 it doesn't register the taps. Fed up with Samsung definitely my last Samsung phone. Cant even screen record my own cctv footage instead of saving large files when viewing away from work. Samsung is a joke if they don't fix it. 

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I'm having the same problem. Got it slove, just change your display resolution to FHD+ or HD+. WQHD+ resolution can't record. If you using the third party screen recording apps also can't work with WQHD+ resolution. Hope this helps.


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