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I bought a broken black S9+. No help from the seller or manufacturer.


I wanted a black S9+ badly. So I've bought it...
After opening the sealed box and removing the protective films, it turned out that the back glass was run by something like a roller - vertically from the top to bottom (visible only if you left some hand stains). This 5 mm wide tarnish ends (or starts) with a small but very visible scratch at the bottom of the aluminum frame!
Do you know how I feel about it? Try to imagine. It was supposed to be a great day ...

I live in a slightly wild country so I was automatically accused of the damage when I turned to the seller. No phone (sent somewhere for repairs), no money... You are excited, I almost cry.


Seller (RTV Euro AGD) has denied to replace the phone. Even though I provided photos, authorized Samsung service ( has found the scratch on the frame only and denied to repair the phone blaming me unjustly for this mechanical damage. The seller and servicemen see no stripes on the back glass at all. You can check for yourself now (full screen mode recommended, duration 143 seconds):

I am almost sure there are more units with the same damages somewhere in Europe. Please, contact me.



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