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How to turn off auto play for videos on S9+.

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Im having a tough time trying to turn off auto playing of videos on my S9+ in my gallery not Facebook. My auto play next video is alreasy turned off in the video player too. Just need to find the setting to turn off auto play for videos in the gallery while scrolling through items in there. Has any one been able to do it successfully? If so can you please share the steps.

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I too have problem with video autoplay and can't seem to resolve this in my S9.   Also buttons on video play,  can they be changed.  Delete on right side doesn't work for me. 


Hey guys! 


Can you have a go at the following steps and let us know how it goes? 


Head over to your Gallery and open up a video on your phone and press play. While the video is playing, you will see 3 vertical dots in the right hand corner of the video screen. Tap this and go into Settings from the drop down menu. This will then allow you to enable or disable auotplay, after disabling this check to see if this stops the next video from playing automatically! Hope this helps!




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I have followed these steps and there is no option to turn on or off Autoplay??

Also, the video carries on playing on a loop, over and over again until you close the app.

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Yeah. this setting is grayed out on my phone even after I updated. What a joke.



My galaxy s9+ gallery video automatically plays even though auto play is turned off. If I click on the 3 dots in upper right corner and go to settings,  there is NO button that says turn off. It just keeps turning on automatically  and replays automatically.  This is very frustrating. 

Mine does exact same thing. Very frustrating.
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