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How to disable ads on samsung s9

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Settings> apps> find the app that does not have a logo ( it will have the android logo instead ) > hit the disabled button>  the hit the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner > select uninstall updates..

That should make it go away.


this is puly a third party app issue if you have not down loaded a app recently then its a update to a app so look in the playstore at what has been updated recently dating apps are known for this 

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Hi, I was having same issues until i uninstall an app called "Cloud Sound" and that resolved the issues for me. Yours might be different app you installed by suggestions. To determine the app causing the ads pop up (if not Cloud Sound), close all recent opened apps list and watch closely for the ads pop up to comeup then quickly check the recent opened apps list to find the troublesome app and uninstall it. 

Don't install any apps you not familiar with. I battled the issue for a week before i found the app. 


Have a look at this article in UK newspaper.  It may explain what's happening and what to do about it....



I'm having the same issue but am confident it is not a 3rd party app. The ads did not start until after downloading a Christmas theme from the Samsung store. I've deleted that theme but the ads continue. If it is not an app, but a theme, the solutions don't work. Any ideas???

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Was this an official Samsung Theme, @DAPick?

If not, the only way to remove these ads would be to reinstall an official theme.


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Thanks so much for replying DannyT!!!  My apologies, I should have listed what I've already tried.

Yes, I believe this is an official Samsung Theme but not sure what might constitute an "official."  I accessed it through Settings, Wallpapers and Themes from my device. It was a theme I purchased. Other themes have not been problematic but, given I have not downloaded any apps recently, it does seem to be related to the themes. I actually think it is just one of the themes but, so I deleted, that one theme along with two others (all Christmas) I recently purchased and the ads are still appearing. 

Any ideas? I can obviously do a factory reset but am really trying to avoid that. :-)

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Yep, we're sure we can avoid that.


Did you try the steps from this guide


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Even though I really do not think this started with an app, I have tried the steps in that guide. The interesting thing, is that the "last used" app that often apears is "Samsung Experience Home" and I don't even know what that and it does not appear like something I can uninstall. "Samsung Experience Service" is also listed there and, again, I have not clue what that is but have assumed it is another built-in app that I shouldn't uninstall or disable. This app does give me an uninstall option. Shall I give that a try??  Thanks! 

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@DAPick: "Samsung Experience Home" is the UI (user interface).


There's more info on "Samsung Experience Service" on its Play Store page here if you want to check it out. Short version is that it's to do with accessing and sharing stuff across Samsung apps and products. Uninstalling/disabling it may impact that and how those apps work. You could try clearing the data and cache in the app's storage bit as a less drastic measure though.


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