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Homescreen long press

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When long pressing the homescreen the ui goes in to edit mode, with options to change wallpaper, themes, widgets etc. I would often trigger this accidentally several times a day when I first got the phone and although I have now adapted to trigger it less, it just feels like such a bad design decision.


Locking the homescreen layout doesn't disable this feature, which I would expect it to do. I don't know how often other people change their homescreen layout but for many people its not often enough to need a shortcut right on the homescreen. There should at least be a toggle to disable it or the option to remap the long press to a more useful feature.


Overall I like OneUI but there are several basic things like this that make it frustrating to use.


The long push action come hereded from original Android base, if you block the screen you will not can to change order or some actions on it, but you will need to have the option of come back to normal use and conditions.


Inside each program, programmer can change the long press action for other things but not in the default system, with OneUI or not. In a computer a click is a click and two are two and right click are options, it is the same and may be a order establish by all and for all, that is an standard method for to have a lineal use between us and all devices in the word.


I prefer to have this option than not to have it., and to lose Widgets, clock, weather, access, other manufacturer or devices without options in Main Screen Long Press 

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Thanks for the reply, yes it does seem it comes from the Android source but with some launchers (such as Nova launcher) when you select the "lock home screen layout" option it disables the long press on the homescreen. I just don't see the need for a shortcut that cannot be disabled, isn't used so frequently and saves only 1 step in the process.


homescreen long press -> wallpapers   vs

notification panel -> Settings -> wallpapers&themes


I don't want to "lose Widgets, clock, weather, access, info" I just don't need to edit my homescreen layout every day or two.  Yet I reguarly accidentally enter the edit mode. Anyway I have found posts about this on other forums from 6 years ago so it doesn't look like it will change any time soon  🤷🏻‍♂️


@st_3  I appreciate the information given, and I am sure that some official Samsung moderator will take note of your requirement.


I was going to advise you now the use of a launcher as you said if you were so interested in this option, but seeing the arrival of Android Q and the incorporation of ONEUI 2.0, it could be possible this addition if it looks correct and adequate for this purpose and makes us arrive with Your active statement and service.


Greetings and very grateful for your cordial treatment to this Spanish stranger 

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