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Home screen icons missing description after update.


Anybody know where the setting is to put the text descriptions back on my home screen icons? I'm guessing its something simple but I haven't found it.


Edit: ....or should I say the bottom icons are missing the text descriptions.


It could be the theme, writing might be there but due to the theme or wallpaper they're not visible. 


Thanks for the response. I applied a different wallpaper and even tried removing the icons and adding them back. So far nothing has worked to restore the text. I guess it's just another update stuff up with no solution.






Well this has got me stuffed. If I turn on home screen rotation the text appears if you rotate the screen however it disappears when the screen is vertical. 




Lol you do have the weird one! 


I'd try going into settings, display, home screen and messing with the grid. I think standard is 5x5 or something. Also check any visibility enhancement stuff, it sounds like your display is to big for the screen. 


Bloody weird one though 


It almost looks like the icons are too low on the page with no room for the text. Unfortunately the different grids only change those top icons and the apps page. I went right through all the home screen settings and even tried different screen resolutions and text sizes all to no avail.


If I get a chance later tonight I might do a full reset and see what happens.


After a factory reset I still have no text descriptions on my main icons. I can only conclude from this that the recent update is full of bugs. Given the addition of the Microsoft bloatware and a physical hardware button that serves no purpose I will be returning the phone for a full refund. Thanks for you suggestions.



Update to this post. It appears that text labels have been removed deliberately from the favourites bar with no option to restore them. Another brilliant decision by the looks of it and unfortunately I am stuck with this lemon as my supplier doesn't want to know about it.





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Same problem here. I had to move all the buttons up on EACH page so that I can read them. I now have more than 1" of empty space on EACH page. Thanks for nothing Samsung.


I just can't fathom how such a stupid change can get through without being challenged. Did nobody wonder how the not so tech savvy or the elderly would go using a phone that has no bloody names on the icons!

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