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Hearing ***** and the S9.

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Hi, I have hearing loss and I could stream phone calls, music and movie audio directly to my hearing device. This was when I had the Galaxy s6 but since upgrading to the S9 this capability seems to have been lost. Has anyone managed to get their S9 to stream to hearing *****?

Thank you


CarlH Moderator

Hi @Stevejd38. Did this previously work via Bluetooth? 

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Yes Carl it did. The S6 running Android 7 saw it as a sort of headset and once paired it worked as such.
My S9 sees the device but not as a headset, more like another Bluetooth phone or tablet. As it is neither, it does nothing!
AndrewL Moderator
Have you checked the Google Play Store or the support site for your hearing device to see if there is a companion application to help establish a connection, @Stevejd38?
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Hi Andrew thank you for the quick reply.
Yes I have the relevant apps and they all work fine but these only manage the hearing device functions, such as program selection, tone and volume etc.
The S9 needs to see the device as capable of sound, like Bluetooth ear buds or headset.
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