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Gmail delay notifications

  • lock screen for gmail is :show content
  • optimised battery usage is not enabled
  • special access: there is nothing called allow unrestricted data usage. I did not find it. 
  • There is sht called allow app while data saver is on, gmail is set on on. 
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Hello, we will not solve this problem. It's on the side of Google, it does not work on phones with android one.

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I bought an S9 last week, 3/8/19, and am having the same issues.  Everything updated, everything given proper permissions, etc.  Nothing I have done seems to fix it.  My wife got her new S10 the same day, and is also having these issues with her gmail.

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Settings-> Devide Manager -> Battery ->  Settings --> Disable "optimize settings" and Reboot the device. Try it!

Same here, I have a brand new S10 and have the same issue with both the gmail app and the stock email app. Very anoying since email notification on my iPhone X are immediate. Guess I’ll have to go back to the boring iPhone X
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To be honest, this is really annoying.


My S9 is two weeks old and I am having the same issues.


I have followed this thread and done everything suggested but it still persists.


I am now begining to think that its a Gmail issue and not samsung.



Indeed very annoying, I used the mobile always on options which made it better for a while but after a couple days the problem is back and again experiencing delays on emails coming in.
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I THINK I FINALLY FOUND THE FIX!!  It is indeed a Samsung issue, not Gmail.  The reason I say that, the more I dug into this I found that there were alot of things not staying in realtime; weather apps, facebook messenger, etc.  The fix is in the battery optimization setting as everyone said, I missed it the first time around.  Go into settings and search for "Battery Optimization Usage".  There is a pull down just below that which reads "Apps not optimized".  Pull that down and select "All".  This is where I missed the first time around.  Gmail was listed under "Apps not optimized" but when I pulled down and selected "All" there it was again and it was turned on.  I went into "All" and turned off anything I wanted to stay in realtime.  It has been a couple weeks now and all seams to be good.  Emails still take 5 minutes or so to show up on occasion, but I haven't had any wait hours to show up. My wife did the same on her S10 with the same success.


I did the same, went into settings - apps - gmail - battery and changed the optimization to "off" 


So far so good, but it's only been a few hours now and usually every workaround stops working after a couple days. 


A bit worried about the battery life though, Samsungs are now well known for their optimal battery life... 


I checked my settings and also did select all but my google or gmail was turned off. So I was not able to change any settings and it is still the same. gmail mails do come late. 

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