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Galaxy s9 battery drain ONE UI


been a month now i notice that the phone lose 20% / 30% of the battery % i did some tests i charge the phone to 100%

without using it after 5 hours battery was 60% i repeated the test with enabling airplane mode after 5 hours battery was 90% ! and i need to notice that i have the same problem with my old s7 since i updated him to android 8.


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After a major update it takes some time until all applications are optimised again. You can however also check the apps that take the most energy at:
Settings -> Device Care -> Battery

I hope that helps!

no with all respect your response did not help me im not a ' normal ' user i know everything about the phone .. device care don't show what exactly causing the battery drain i did my tests , the problem is in cell standby

i had to disable the sim card service by airplane mode to fix the problem and it works with me.

but i can't continue with that method i need to call people 

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Can you make a screenshot of that page? (You can make a screenshot by pressing volume down + the power button.

device care dont show anything i know exactly where the problem is :
enabling airplane mode the only solution to save 30% or 20% form the battery after some tests and as you see in the screen shot im on airplane mode,once i disable it and the sim card service work the drain of battery start


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The airplane mode effectively disables networking connections, do you by a chance have a weak connection for something (Mobile Network, WiFi etc.) this is because searching for networks tends to take quite a bit of energy.
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Cheers, SjorsK. 


@KOUSSAY : And just to confirm, you've carried out the usual troubleshooting steps? (E.g. restarting the phone; checking that all the apps are updated?)


Are you also able to share your phone's Android version details (the ones that appear in *#1234# in the dialler.)


Edit: Plus, when you see the battery drain, can you send an error report with log files to our software team via the Samsung Members or Samsung+ app?


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I got the One UI update couple of weeks back and I experience the same!! I'm saying the EXACT SAME issue as you've mentioned. 


Need another update to fix these bugs quickly ad possible. Thanks. 

My device is Samsung S9+ (128Gb)

Network connections are excellent.




I am wondering if your problem had been solved.. I am having the EXACT same issues with a Galaxy note 9. Don't know what else to do. 


I have restored phone, calibrated battery, all apps updated, etc.. If I leave the phone without use for example at night when I wake up lets say 7 hours later the battery has drained 10%, doing nothing!! The only way it would only drain 1% in that same situation is by activating the airplane mode.

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Hey all!


As @SjorsK has advised, if Cell Standby is the main source of battery depletion this means that your phone is spending a lot of power and time searching for available connections whether it be signal, mobile data or Wi-Fi.


You may want to test turning your mobile data or Wi-Fi off during the night to see if this shows an improvement.



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