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Galaxy S9 with exynos 9810 has battery issues? is this issue real or not?


@ThenegritoxD wrote:


 I remember when i bought this s9+ 5 months ago, the SOT was very good, it reached 7 1/2 h without power saving, and now i have this, can someone please tell me where is going my battery??


If you tray to disable the Chrome app an then go into the Samsung browser and close the tabs and then close the apps and turn off your phone for 5 minutes. This with the tabs in the Samsung browser and shooting apps you should do once a week. Afther this the phone will work fine


Screenshot_20190122-184734_Device care.jpg




Surely this battery life isn't normal for my S9 Exynos? Always felt that my battery should last longer for a flagship device. Running One UI / Android Pie 

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