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Galaxy S9 with exynos 9810 has battery issues? is this issue real or not?

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I have to say that I got my S9 plus yesterday and restored all the data etc from my S8 plus and battery is all good. I have same notifications from exchange mail (push), Bluetooth, WiFi and location always on and I'm still getting 6-7 hours OST. Very happy., ESP dual speakers

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Exynos S9+ version here.I installed the latest update 2 weeks back . The phone is smoother than before but the battery life is even poorer than before. One of the worst battery lives on a flagships I have experienced in the last 1, 2 years.
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S9+ exynos checking in here, pretty heavy user and can confirm terrible battery life. Half the battery life I used to get with my S7 edge. Having to charge multiple times a day, not just once but twice normally... shockingly bad. Have turned off wifi scanning, no aod, uninstalled or disabled all bloat and power saver on. Really disapointed in samsung this time.


I got absolutely no words for this... Yep, that kernel is a whole mess up. I am hoping for Android 9.


Yeah but. Heres the thing..

How can the note 9, using the same SOC get 7hrs screen on time with only 500mah more?

I mean seriously different battery life, with S9+ I was lucky for 3hr screen time, with note9 7hr is the norm.



... or 1000 mAh less than the Note 9 for the normal S9.


However - Samsung messed up the S9 imo.


Or indeed 1000mah less, I'm fairly certain the note 9 would obliterate the S9 by more than 30% extra life..



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Also experiencing very poor battery life on my exynos galaxy s9+ that does not fit the cost of this phone..

feel dissappointed by Samsung who said they do not acknowledge battery issues, if they do not acknowledge it and fix it my next phone will not be a samsung one, they should know that they are doing themselves a disservice by alienating their own customers.


I went ahead and bought the S9 exonys version this Friday. And I have no complaints about the battery life what so ever. What are people expecting?


I was really worried about the battery life after reading up on the internet.


But now it's almost 20 hours since the phone left the charger, I'm at almost 3 hours SOT and have 48% battery left. I find the battery life to be amazing!







 I remember when i bought this s9+ 5 months ago, the SOT was very good, it reached 7 1/2 h without power saving, and now i have this, can someone please tell me where is going my battery??


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