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Galaxy S9 with exynos 9810 has battery issues? is this issue real or not?


I saw from several sites that exynos variant has A really bad battery optimization problem compared to the snapdragon variant. I still dont own the phone because the release date in my country is later this month. I still dont know if this issue is software related or hardware related.? would Sammy fix it ?/ and when? I hope is ASAP because , im still stuck with my S6 and i really love samsung devices but this news are preventing me from upgrading to S9+.


Im really hoping that all those news around the net are fake news or 1 in a million case :smileysad:



Android Central: Samsung Galaxy S9 battery problems, explained: Exynos vs. Snapdragon.


I can confirm poor battery life with s9+ on Exynos processor.

If it is related to software or hardware I don't know, but expect Samsung to fix this asap.

For me it is not acceptable that flagship phone is not able to least on battery whole day with very limited use actually.

I am now on medium battery saver mode with reduced brigthtness, processor speed, FHD+ only, using greenify to hibernate apps, as well as SABS to reduce bloatware and still need to recharge phone during day if I want to have 5h of SoT...

I am not hardcore user, for example now I have 74% after 5h on battery with 1,5h of SoT and for me this result is a little bit poor when I consider all battery saver options that are active.

Samsung should fix this soon, as I don't want to have only flagship on papper and i reality I cannot use all of it performance because of battery....

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Hi Guys,

Have you checked out our S9/S9+ Health MOT?

- DannyT.


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:

It is most basic stuff which I do on daily basis, so this will not help to improve my battery life...

them it seems my S6 is still better battery wise.


both things perfomance and energy consumption are the two things that are failing according to must sites  :smileymad:  plz sammy do something i dont want a new paperweight that cost more than 1000$+.



seems promising. Let's hope Samsung will as well improve battery life via firmware upgrade.


I have "upgraded" from S6 Edge and I was hoping for significantly better battery life, but honestly I can't see much of a difference between over 2 year old S6 and S9. 



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