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Galaxy S9+ upgraded to Pie

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I bought S9+ last year, and I hv downloaded the manuals. Perfect! BUT now my S9+ is upgraded into Android Pie, the the manuals becone garbage. Why? Too many changes! And that's include the Menu Tree in Settings. Some functionality are gone. What the heck?


For example in Wifi Advanced settings, some functionality is gone such as Keep Wifi on duriùng Sleep, WPS Push, and the others. Where can I find those? And why Samsung didn't mention about deleting those function (if it is deleted) in their information section before I upgrade it!


Overall, Samsung SHOULD make a new manuals related to the upgrade (not just update) if Samsung are going to change everything including the functionality, the UI, etc... just like Apple did when they change their OS version, in order the customers don't get confused about the upgrade.


And if many customers don't like this upgrade, Samsung should at least make an option to downgrade it, since there are so many reason people choose a specific flag (S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note 9, etc), so do not generalize it.


So again, where can i find those old functionality option? Help and thanks.



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