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Galaxy S9 region lock

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To be honest I want told by myself local UK Samsung Experience Store when I bought myself phones either. 


This is to stop grey market imports. 


A possible route is to send the phone to someone you know in the UK and they use a SIM card in the phone to remove the region lock and then send it back to you. 


Possibly much cheaper than making the journey back to the UK. 



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hy ablat, i have done with my s9+

im using a service for unlocking network. 

Now i can use my s9+ with all SiMCard

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hy ablat, now i can use my s9+ ,
but i spend more money 😞😞 for service unlocking network,
But it’s the choice for this situation,
Now i can use it with any SimCard
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try using unlocking network service,

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Hi Band of Brothers. Thanks for the information.

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Hi Eileen - Thanks for the information. I will try that.

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Hey @Ablat


I would strongly recommend against using a third party service to unlock your phone as they may impact the functionality of your phone and it would invalidate any warranty. 


The regional lock is there because there are subtle differences in the software and hardware for the different regions, phones locked to the UK/EU are only intended for use within that region and will only receive software updates for the region of origin. 

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Hi Tracy


O'K point taken, I will not use an unlocking service. I live in the UK and could use the phone there eventually I suppose but for the next six months will live and work abroad (outside EU) and really need to use a local number but of course I cannot. It is therefore surplus to requirements so if you know anybody who wants to buy an almost new and unused Samsung S9+ (UK/EU region locked) please let me know.



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As suggested by @BandOfBrothers, your best bet at this stage would be to send the phone to a friend or family member in the UK/EU and ask them to perform the steps to unlock the phone. For clarity you are required to make a 5-10 minute cumulative call to a local number, using a SIM card from that region.
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I bought a Galaxy A5 two weeks ago. I often travel and use an international sim card from a compamy called Keepgo. This card works in most countries, I've used it many times. I've never had any issues with my previous phones but it won't work in my Samsung phone. The phone is unlocked to other providers in Canada where I'm from. It detects the international card (issued from Spain) but it will not work to go online. I've checked my settings and they are all correct (data is on, apn is correct, etc.). 


Do you think my phone is region locked? I chatted online with Samsung who said there is no such thing and that my phone is unlocked. I'm very skeptical but not sure what I can do. I tried making phones calls with my Canadian card for 5 to 15 minutes to unlock it like some people said, but when i try the international card after, it still won't connect to the internet. I'm really confused and frustrated. Why is Samsung going that? It's my first time buying a samsung and possibly the last. Any help would be appreciated. 

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