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Galaxy S9 region lock


Guys, the solution has been posted already, see


Your local Samsung service centre can help you with region locks and give you the required code if you forgot to make the 5 minutes phones using a local sim card in the country you bought your phone. The problem you have is that your phone is network locked, not region locked.


Different issue altogether.


As far as I know, this lock is imposed by the country where you want to use the phone, in my case Colombia. The only way to unblock my phone was to use an online unblocking service. I used UnlockBoot ( This worked perfectly. My phone was unblocked and I was then able to register my phone in Colombia without any problems.


It may cost you up to USD 50 but your expensive new phone will no longer be worthless!


It's not the true at all. I have S9 purchased in EU , used couple weeks and now not working in Verizon US network.

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so after unlocking in future if i factory reset my phone, should i do this procedure again??


Hello, I live in Switzerland but I will be moving to south america soon, I have the same phone so I am wondering from what provider you bought you SIM card while in Switzerland, was it Swisscom? and I guess, was a prepaid SIM card right? 


Hi. The provider makes no difference. I borrowed my sister's SIM card (postpaid) in the Netherlands to make a couple of 5 minute calls.


Ja. Bei mir gings. Hreggi Switzerland 

Ja. Bei mir geht's. In der Schweiz.
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