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Galaxy S9 region lock

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  • I’m looking to get a network unlocked S9 in the US that I can use my uk SIM card in. Heard conflicting stories of if this would work so wondered if anyone could provide clarity.


Speaking to Samsung online chat they said it would be region locked to the US and the only way that my uk SIM card would work in it is if I was to put a us SIM card in it initially and make a 5-10 minute call. Apparently this turns off the region lock and would allow me to then use my uk SIM card in it with now issues. 


However, going to many stores in the US they say this isn’t the case and that it is internationally unlocked and that my uk SIM card will work straight away. 


Obviously buying a $10 us SIM card to make a 5-10 minute call is no real inconvenience however I like to have all the facts before making a decision, and this is just confusing.


 One final note, I was told by the guy in Best Buy (US store) that in Europe the phone has two sim slots (I guess for dual sim or for sim/memory card) but the us version only has 1 sim slot. Any idea why this would be?


thanks in advance.






If the device was purchased in the EU you need to make a 5-10 Min phone call in the country it was purchased using that region SIM card, Once your in the states you need to use the same SIM card to call back to that country for 5-10 mins again

This will region unlock the device. 


Please note on the side of the orginal packing the box will state what SIM card work's in the device. 


E.G - EU Device's state 'European SIM card's Only' 



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Can it be solved if I bring it to a samsung centre ? I bought it in Asia and have someone brought to me in Spain. I didn't have the chance to insert any Asia sim to unlock the region lock.


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Dave, did you ever get the USA phone and did it work in the UK? i have the same question.

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I bought my s9 in bestbuy in new york. They put my uk ee SIM (which has worldwide roaming has part of my sim only deal) into the phone in the shop and it worked straight away. No issues or problems. Had the phone for a few months and it works everywhere. Only difference is on the top right corner it says LTE instead of 4g (big deal). Hope this helps.
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Any choice to unlock the simcard lock european only ? because  ihaven't plan flight to europe.
Last week my uncle bought me that phone when him holiday at there, he dont know the simcard lock T_T
So in my situation i cant active the europe simcard because i live on asia,
What should i do for unlock my phone carrier ?
some one help me please 

I have the same issue brought the phone in USA and trying to use it in India is there any way to start using it please let me know at
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Will the trick work if i factory reset the device after the 5 minuite call?

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Factory reset doesn't help at all. I bought my phone in the UK and was told it was unlocked and would work with any SIM. Nobody mentioned Region Lock. Bought phone just before I went abroad so didn't use it in the UK. Put in SIM abroad where I now live and work and phone said SIM invalid. Tried another SIM same thing. Therefore I now have a very expensive phone which is completely useless. Why do Samsung region lock their phones but sell them as SIM free? and make it impossible to use them unless you travel half way around the world and make a short telephone call to unlock it and then come back again. 

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