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Galaxy S9 plus screen flicker

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The phone has essentially been bricked! I thought I had found a work around but it just got steadily worse. I have now dumped Samsung as a brand and moved on. #neverSamsungAgain

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Hi Sheron,
I am also facing flickering issues in my S9 plus. I updated on June 1st 2019. Past 25 says onwards facing this flickering issues.
When you updated your phone last time ?
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Hi SheronP,

Did you find any solution for this flickering issues ?

I updated softaware on June 1st 2019, Past 25 days onwards Iam facing flickering issues in my Galaxy S9 Plus.


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No, my screen never recovered and I brought it to Samsung Authorized Service Center and told me to replace the display 

:(. It cost lot of money.!

Samsung is worst.!!


I use to think that it was bad luck that my S9 plus have all flickering but now that i read all this is unbelievable that a prestige brand  like SAMSUMG  is not doing anything about it, my S9 begin with all the flickering and screen problems with last update  is was randomly but then get worse  at the point the cellphone is unusable, I  want to belive that SAMSUNG  have a solution for the  problem  they last patch did.

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