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Galaxy S9+ bluetooth poor audio quality

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I have been using Galaxy S9+ for almost two years, paired with my bluetooth system first in Ford Mondeo and for a year now in Volvo XC60. All was well until with probably some update, one day the audio quality via  bluetooth got pretty poor. It's a joke - sounds like I am streaming a 128kbps mp3 ten years ago...Yesterday I bought JBL Endurance Jump bluetooth headphones - the same thing...both my Volvo and JBL bluetooth work well with iPhone and even old HTC phone I have (and must use in my car separately to play music via bluetooth) so the issue is definitely my Galaxy S9+.


Something is pretty much wrong here and I tried everything (dual audio etc.) and nothing works...Can anyone @ Samsung provide a reliable advice or do I need to change a brand?


Thanks in advance


You can enable developer settings and change the blue tooth audio codec in there. 

Settings, about phone, software and tap on build number until developer settings are enabled. 


Then you can Google the options to see what settings to try 


There's the codec, sample rate etc 



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Of course,  I did try that and tweaked these settings a lot, but first of all this does not make any improvement and also there is no way these changed settings could be saved. Whatever would I do, they would come back to what has been set as default (and default was poor audio quality).


As I am reading more and more, this is a common issue for many users, being a glitch in the new Android OS version for SGS 9+ and this makes me angry as Samsung does absolutely nothing with it. I can't use my bluetooth headphones cause the sound sucks. In my car I have two cell phones - old HTC where bluetooth connection works perfectly, so I can play music via it. This isn't normal though....not if you paid this kind of money for your Samsung device. Hate to say, but maybe it's time for iPhone..................

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