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Galaxy S9 Plus wifi speed issue

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Just got a new S9 Plus but the wifi speed is very slow. I normally get 200+ Mb/s on my 5 GHz channel using my iPhone or my PC. The Galaxy Plus only achieves 40 or so Mb/s.

It appears to be running at 2.4 GHz speed at both 2.4 and 5 GHz.

When I connect in settings, the phone states the speed checked out at 351 Mb/s but the actual speed is as stated above.

I've checked my router and it all looks OK and runs at the higher speed for other devices.

Samsung chat support just advised me that it was my ISP!

Any ideas please?

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i have the same problem. normally my fibernet speed is approximately 50 Mbps but when i run speedtest over the s9+ it is only 0,7 mbps average according to my efforts to get a higher speed. i have tried many ways to fix this issue none of them helped to solve my problem. when i run the test for my pc, laptop, ipad, iphone there is no such problem. i used to be an iphone user for many years, decided to make a fresh start with s9+ but this issue is keeping me questioning this smart phone. Hope this issue can be considered by the authorities so that it can be solved. according to what i ve read so far this is a common issue for other samsung phones...

-rebooting device, wipe cache, didnt help

-reseting my router, didnt help

-static ip, didnt help.

-factory reset

-trying another router, internet service provider, didnt help

-forgetting and reconnectiong network, didnt help...



I do not know how common is since my previous two S8 ones had no such problems. If you have some friends with an S8/S8+, test this on their phones too and see what the results are. I'll try to do a test on an S9 too, and see.

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I have the same issue.

S9plus and a S7edge next to eachother on same net.

S9plus at least half of the speed of S7edge (or my laptop)

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Same problem here , side by side same large file copy , 5ghz band on both phones.

s8+ 170mbit approx speed

s9+ 70mbit approx speed


both phones have exynos cpu and has latest official software updates.


test are done with es file explorer one phone after the other and not simultaneously.


Wi-Fi equipment is ubiquity a.c. mesh unit.


This is not at all acceptable from a high end unit.

Even my old s7 performs better on Wi-Fi!


Any idea - solution , at least explanation on why this is happening ?

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Same here. The maximum speed on 2.4Ghz is 133kb/s with default router settings. After disabling error checking algorithms and beam forming options, I got to 500kb/s with 144mbps connection rates. At 5ghz the problem is barely noticable but to connect to my Gear S3 without issues over wifi, I have to use 2.4Ghz band as it doesn't support 5Ghz. There seems a bug with wifi... No other devices or cell phones effected with this issue except my S9 plus.


- Update. : Today I noticed turning off bluetooth fixed 2.4 Ghz issue for me. Unluckly I own a Gear S3 frontier and use it at all times. 

-Update : After removing MX mouse and Sphero from paired bluetooth devices speed returned acceptable levels for 2.4 Ghz.




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update: somehow my wifi speed measured at normal statistics.  I think after wiping cache from  (power,volume up,bixby buttons) the black screen solved my problem. I connected my phone to the wifi at the beginning i had the slow measurement then it updated itself and everything was fine. :robotvery-happy:

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Thank you! After turning bluetooth off I've got normal wifi speed
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Turn bluetooth off... check your wifi speed again and let me know.

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I have the same issue. Following the suggestion to turn off bluetooth did nothing to increase wi-fi speed. A 15MB app sometimes takes ten minutes to download. Phone is set to High Performance mode. What else can I do to speed it up?

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