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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie


I had luck fixing this issue (on a Pixel 2, not a samsung, but an identical problem) by installing an app from the app store called Bluetooth Phonebook.


"This app replaces the built-in Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) on many phones and fixes some known problems. Please visit for more details and compatibility list."


Hope it helps someone )


Holy sh$^>,

Bluetooth phone book app worked! I was about ready to sell my car or get an iPhone. Thank you bobsalot!


Anyone who cant change pbap option in the developer module, bobsalot found the solution.


Holy *****, works for me too ! Phonebook 👌

Thanks bobsalot. 




I am going to try the phonebooth app this weekend! It might save my XF from being traded in on a Honda. I never thought I would say those words, but that's where I am at this point, even though it isn't really Jaguar's fault. I work from my car, and it's illegal to use my phone for anything handheld. My phone and car *HAVE* to be compatible. 😒

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Thanks. still no phone calls though. Hmm
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In your disco, do you have touch control or control pro? Thanks
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Which version of pie are you running and is it may patch or earlier?

Mine a Disc Sport 2017.

Android and update as attached 

Dev Settings as attached.


Flawless except no messages..dont need them tho👍🏻Screenshot_20190607-060006_Settings.jpg




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I have the normal Touchcontrol (not Pro) in my Discovery Sport 2018. All working fine, including Calls, Messages und Streaming Spotify.

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Does installing the app fix the actual connectivity issue...?


Or just allow a workaround to amend the pbap option for those who can't?


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