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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie

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In my S8 the reset of the network settings didn't solve the issue...


Tesla being sued under a lemon law in US because of Bluetooth problems with a Samsung phone.

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Tried everythin until now without success but since 3 days below solution is working for me: (S8 @ Jag XE 2017)




3 dots on right top

Special access

Optimise battery usage

Select: All from the pull down menu

Deactivate Bluetooth, Bluetooth MIDI Service, Bluetooth Test 




This is the temporary fix that partially fixes the issue. You need to follow your steps but also disable the messages audio for bt calls. Or disable the calls and enable to audio to play music. In a discovery sport you cannot do both.


In short this is a plaster over the problem that still needs fixing


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I tried all the suggested fixes on the posts(thanks for the input), but none worked on my 2018 Jag f-pace. JLR even installed a new infotainment module with the latest software (very generous), still no go. I have a Samsung galaxy 9+ that works in all my 2019 loaner cars and my wife's 2019 Range Rover. Her Samsung galaxy j7 works fine in the Jag as did my phone for 8 months until the pie upgrade. The only solution I could find was to abandon hands free phone via bluetooth. I paired the phone to bluetooth and only connected for media (No Phone Service). This eliminated my music and phone cutting out ever 30 seconds or so. I can stream my music through the bluetooth and answer my phone the old fashioned way using my phone hand held. I have my Jag dealer alerted to any new software upgrades on the cars infotainment system and pray that this bug is fixed by new software updates to my phone. Wish everyone with this issue well and look forward to a post that says Problem Fixed!!

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I doubt this issue will be ever be fixed. I had this same problem with the google pixel 2 last year. I could get it working without the phone (connectivity) just for music, just like some of the suggestions here. However, even for music only, I had to manually reconnect to BT every time I got back into the car. There were many sites like this where the problem was reported, but google never resolved it. Jaguar also had no answers. I upgraded everything including the Jaguar firmware. Every google update did nothing. I eventually gave the pixel to my son and got a Samsung S8. It worked perfectly for several months till the pie update and the same problem has come back. 

My guess is, Jaguar will never resolve the problem except on the newer models maybe and google / samsung will never also resolve it. Best option is to move to an iPhone. My wife's iPhone X works perfectly on my 2017 Jag XF. 

Do I sound jaded? Yes after 1 year of frustration,  a new phone and back to the same issue? You bet!


Just got my Discovery Sport back from Landrover. They updated the media and bluetooth software to the latest version and guess what........   still losing connection.


@Samsung sort this out


Problem fixed! I downgraded back to Oreo. 

It's ridiculous, but I was happy with my phone and my car before Pie, so I'm perfectly happy to keep things the same until they fix the problem or until I return to iPhone.

And I WILL return to iPhone if this issue isn't corrected when I'm ready for a new phone.

What a shame. Losing customers because they won't listen and fix problems with software. 


So yesterday I got in my car & handset connected and started playing music. I expected it to cut out, but it didn't. Checked and both phone and media connected. Happy days! Got back in the car later that day and same thing, everything working great.

Got in this morning full of hope, everything to the end of my street and disconnected. Why? How can it work and then not @Samsung 

Tried a Huawei handset using android Pie & that worked fine as well. 

Going out of my mind now

It's what i did, no problem since 2 weeks...
Personally i won't go to iphone, cause iphone is expensive and it sucks.
My note 9 makes wonderful photos and it's easy to use as i am a musician.
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