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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie


Shameful that no one from Samsung will even acknowledge this on THEIR community forum. Guess they are reading it and keeping their heads down as all our phones were perfect until the steaming pile of Pie landed that fateful day and screwed up all these phones. Well done Samsung for continually ducking your responsibility..telling us to send our phones back for a check.. what's that about treating us like muppets. Your customer care is PATHETIC...


@Samsung still have my phone and can keep it for all i care. Running an old S7 now with no issues connecting to my Discovery Sport. 

I've had no update from them as to what they are doing with it nor if they even have a fix, my guess is not.

As mentioned above non of the fixes sugested in the thread actually resolve the issue. Most fixes are temporary at best. I wouldn't suggest messing around with the developer settings as this would invalidate the warranty on the phone.


I see this as a safety issue as some people will try using there phone whilst driving if they're unable to connect via bluetooth. Not an excuse and i don't condone using your phone whilst driving but not having the option will cause some to take risks.


I don't think this update is a case of planned obsolescence but if not resolved would render features of the phone useless and Samsung should be responsible for replacement under the warranty.






I have the same problem playing Spotify vide Bluetooth in my vehicle after newly installed Android version 9 PIE.

Tried uninstall/reinstall Spotify; Bluetooth unpair/repair; even locked the Bluetooth app lock.  Even tried to switch off all optimising app and even allow all permission granted for Spotify app.  Even set the Power Mode to High Performace all doesn't solve the problem.  Restarted phone after all that was done but failed to solve this issue. It appears to be a bug with Android 9 update.  Pain in the ass for sure. 

Noted that the bluetooth connection on my phone was twitching on and off function by itself resulting in drop in bluetooth connection which caused Spotify to disconnected.

Hence conclusion is that it indicates that the issue is pointing towards Android 9 PIE.  No such problems in earlier version.

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I had the same problems with Spotify. This is how I solved it:

Device Care > Battery> Spotify> Uncheck "Put app to sleep"


I received my phone back today and surprise surprise its still disconnecting. Samsung have completely rebuilt the phone and reinstalled the software but it hasn't work.

I called Samsung again and ended up down the path of its a fault with the car dispite explaining that any software updates should be backwards compatible.

Samsung have now said there is nothing more they can do and its a fault with land rover. I have asked for them to put this in writing and will take this to land rover. 


I think the next step will be small claims court 




Can you please help me understand why no one from Samsung replies to these 90+ posts.


My car is at the main dealer tomorrow and have told them of the issues and a link to these posts to see what they say.


This is the least to say incredibly frustrating and my faith in the Samsung brand (that I have had for years) is in tatters...




Good news! I found a solution for Jag XE & S9 connectivity issue:


I've had the problems reported here, but when I was about to leave homeby my XE yesterday, there was a black cat walking in a front of my car from LEFT to RIGHT. I connected my S9 - no problems. Earlier today the very same cat was walking from RIGHT to LEFT - bluetooth problems. Just an hour ago I decided to go to by some beers, again a black cat (not the same one!) walked from LEFT to RIGHT - no bluetooth issues.


So my analysis is: This must have something to do with black cats walking from left to right in front of your Jaguar.

Easy resolution: Samsung could provide black cats to every neighbourhood that have S9+XE. And of course their duty is to teach them to walk on right direction when they see a Jag. Easy!

Fantastic I have a Disco Sport. However my cat is not pure black which is why I may still be having issues. I will unlock said cats developer menu and set him to full Lucky Black and toninky traverse LEFT 2 RIGHT..
Knew the brains at Samsung coukdnt crack this..l

@Mp4rky  Please let me know how you get on with the main dealer.. 

Sure will..he may have a black cat apiece forums all lol
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