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Galaxy S9 Bluetooth issues Android 9 Pie


I've been furkling around my S9 and I have a further suggestion if the bluetooth is cutting out when the phone goes to sleep.  Try this....




Menu (3 dots top right)

Show system apps

Scroll down to Bluetooth and select


Make sure that Allow Backround Activity is not restricted



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this worked for me! I went into Device Care > Battery>  three dots on top right(settings) >unclicked "put unused apps to sleep" -- then a restart of the phone


and the "unfortunately bluetooth has failed" stopped coming up and seems to be working fine.


thank you!

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I tried, but unfortunety didn't work for me...


I'm with the same problem: after 2-3 minutes makes a holiday on the sound. When I light up the screen, it comes back for a while but then it does it again... 


I'm in Brazil; and the problem happens with my JBL device and my bluetooth's car...


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Guys, try this:
Device care
uncheck "suspend app"

I've tried everything, but nothing's worked for me.

I've downgraded to Oreo, and it's solved. Everything perfect.


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Apparently it's not related to any application. The bluetooth is disconnecting from 30 to 30 seconds from my car, but it's not constant, sometimes it can be up 5 minutoes. This is happening exactly since i've updated to Android 9. It's tottaly unsuable, for phone calls, for music, etc...


Hi...please how do you downgrade...I am sick of being unable to make a call in the car..current android version is pants anyway...thanks




This upgrade is quite a joke.

My s9 downloaded and installed pie on March 3. From that point on my Bluetooth headset would not work. Yesterday, March 5, 2019 I checked for updates and one was available. I downloaded and installed….and now all is well.
Hi thanks..mine is a S9+ and have just checked for an update..says version of Android is up to date Security Patch Level 1/1/19 😕..presume your update was for android? Unsur if different for a + or if rolling out by carrier ( in on EE) again thanks ..Mike
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