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Galaxy S8 + Galaxy S9 not optimized for Instagram


My Galaxy S8 and from reading posts the Galaxy S9 has the same problem, when watching Instagram stories, the screen does not adjust to the 16/9 dimensions, cutting 15-20 % of the story off and often making  phrases, remarks, etc. not legible. Samsung claimed to have "Solved" this problem by taking the app out of full screen mode, but that is not an option on our phones. Someone please fix this, it shouldn't be too difficult and it's super annoying for what's supposed to be a top of the line smartphone.

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Do you fine the solutions ford this issue?

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Hi. The same problem  here. The instagram is not optimized for full screen. I cant see the complete text on the stories. It is horrible pfff and i cant configure it in the parameters. It is grey. For samsung it is optimized pffd

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Needs replacing, mines awesome! Just a suggestion
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My Galaxy 9 is all screwyscrewy 😜

My Instagram where I go the most is a big hassle. Can't use arrow in corner to shoot and share something cool. 

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Just started using a Note 9 (from a Note 5) and the issue is still prevalent in this phone as well.
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I have the same problem! Samsung need to fix this or returning the phone will  be an option for me.

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Same problem for me... I've tried everything and nothing works. My screen just cuts off a lot letters in picture posts.
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I had the same, i deleted instagram.

i don't miss it, you should all do the same .) 


My phone as well and I don't know how to fix it. I am so annoyed I have to imaginate what they are trying to say on instagram stories.

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