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Front camera Field of View is too narrow!

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Just when I thought updates couldn't get any worse Samsung ruined all photos of an event since they apparently narrowed the Field of View on the front-facing camera and all the pictures were cropped. This might be even stupider than all the other things in the last few updates and I didn't think that was even possible! Found the rather meaningless icon finally to switch between modes, but no way to turn off the zoomed in mode. No user-control on something this stupid which limits the hardware? Stupidist "programming" ever!  If anyone knows any way to disable it, please chime in!!


I think that might actually be a bug, seen someone else mention it but I think most people aren't having the problem. 


I didn't have any problem with the pie update and the march update installed.


I'm having the same problem. Completely cut off part of the image I was trying to capture that I'll never be able to take again.


It's not the field of view though, it's that the field of view isn't accurately reflected on the screen, and/or the algorithms used are far too liberal with cropping parts of the photo.

This post sounds like it is relevant to this issue:

But no matter the limitations, the screen must show the user the frame!
And this:

What the heck Samsung. You broke the camera by releasing a half-baked update.

Bumping this thread.


Someone from Samsung please respond. This is a known issue with the camera and the last update. Many people are posting they have this issue with no response.


Any planned fixes? Or are you just going to leave the community hanging with a crappy camera?

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