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Faulty S9+ Replacement Time Disgrace




I am very disappointed with the way Samsung deals with faulty phones. I preordered a Samsung S9+ and received on launch day. However after a week or so, the touchscreen developed dead zones and technical support couldn't resolve. I was told to return the faulty handset and a replacement will be sent. I have sent the replacement and got a confirmation email that the item has been received. I  am now being told it could take up to 2 weeks for the replacement to be sent. Obviously this is very very disappointing, I didn't experience any issues like this when I had an Apple handset. Please can someone look into this with urgency as paying the odd 800 pounds for a phone and not getting it until 3 weeks after the fault was established is a disgrace.

i have the same fault with my 3-week old phone, I have sent it back for a refund or a replacement.
I worry that this could be a widespread problem.
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