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Extreme white noise when recording video in a quiet space (Sound for everything else is fine)

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ZI’m on my second Galaxy S9+ (both lavender color) and am having the same issue on each phone. When I record video, When it’s quiet, the white/static noise is very loud. You can obviously lower the volume to decrease and/or alleviate it, HOWEVER, I am recording videos of my dogs snoring, playing hard (where they are making verbal noises,) etc. and I want to be able to hear those sounds. Except I can’t because getting rid of the white noise also gets rid of what I want to hear. I have chatted online with Sprint tech support, Online with Samsung support, on the phone with Samsung support and with 2 Samsung techs in Best buy stores. We’ve tried everything under the sun that we can think of. I had a tech record on one of their phones (black) and it wasn’t a problem, very slight. I think it’s when the lavender phones were manufactured. Anyway, it either needs to be repaired or exchanged unless anyone out here has any other ideas.

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Problem solved.

When I was playing back the videos the phone wanted Dolby Atmos on which is why it picked up all the white noise in a quiet room. 

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Update: problem not solved but better. I think it's just not going to be a good phone to record in wuiet environments. The sound system on the phone wants to pick up noise because that's what it was built for. 

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Typing error. Quiet not wuiet. Oops.
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It's not just the lavendar.  I have the black S9+ and have the exact same problem.  Any way you could explain a bit more about the Dolby thing?  Is it a setting during recording or a setting during playback? If it is during playback, that wouldnt help if playing it on a different device.

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Dobly is just a speaker setting for listening to things/videos/movies on your phone. 

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