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I bought a phone Galaxy S9+ from MediaMarkt in Germany.(without any kind of service provider or any tarif plan) 

I sent the phone then to India, but it doesn’t work with the Indian Sim Card. I had already used the phone with my German Sim card and then i sent it. I raised a complaint to the Samsung Support and i was asked to send them my phone and invoice details on, does anyone know how many days do they take for this Code Generation? 


Does someone know to get this code faster with call or chat or online samsung website?


Thanks and Regards. 

AuraK Moderator

Hello @Shyamdb,


generating a Code for the SIM lock always takes some days. Unfortunately I cannot give you a specific time frame how long the process will take in your case. There's also no possibility to speed up this process.


There is just one more general information I would like to point out: 

If you give a German smartphone model to someone in India, you have to bear in mind that we only offer a European warranty. This is due to the fact that not all devices are available in every country and even if they are, electronic components may vary from country to country. Therefore, a necessary repair might not be possible in India. The device then has to be sent to one of our authorized service partners in Germany.


Kind regards,

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