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Edge lighting not working..


Hey there,


I just got my first Samsung S9, and I wanted to take advatange of the Amazing Edge Display, so, I wanted to use it for notifacations on my non-default messaging app, but when set to it in the and to only on lock screen (in the edge lighting settings) it does not show up when texted. 


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Superuser I

Hi @GrahmJ


Does it work Ok with the default apps ?


If so then it sounds like the 3rd party app your using isn't playing nice with the edge lighting. 



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 9 Model: SM-N960 Dual Hybrid 512Gb_ Samsung One Ui / Pie.

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I also have a problem with edge lighting not working. Everything is set up, minimum transparency, maximum width, 10 apps selected, notifications and popups allowed etc and zippo, nothing on always on screen or lock screen, with always on switched off. Looking on Google it seems a number of people have the same issue with the s9, s9+, s8 & s8+. No real fixes however other than installing 3rd party apps (with mixed reviews). Anyone any ideas please?
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I have a note 9 and same problem! 
Edge lighting only works on sms messages, but nothing else... not facebook, gmail, yahoo or anything else i'm sellecting. 
I tried everything in the menues, even tried resetting to factory settings.

Is there anything i can do about it?

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