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Edge display disappeared on S9+

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same here

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Thank you so much! That is exactly where mine was only opposite 🤣
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Hi!im missing my edge panels in my s10+.

I tried checking on Settings > Display > Edge Screen  but it only displays a toggle to turn my edge lighting on/off and the tab about edge screen. I tried clicking on the 3 dots on the upper right corner, but it only shows the option "contact us". I restarted my phone several times already too. even tried swiping the left side of the screen since some users say that their edge panel sometimes move to that side. Zilch. Help please.thanks  😭


So if you open up your side apps, which may have moved to a different side of your screen than where it used to be. Once you get it open look to the opposite side of the screen at the bottom, you’ll find a setting gear. When you select that it gives you many more cool options on what you want on the side panel apps. But then at the top right hand side of that screen is 3 vertical dots, if you select that it takes you yet to another settings screen, where you can choose to have the side app handle on the right or left hand of the your screen. There’s also an option that is by default selected that if you press and hold the side app handle you then can move it to wherever you want on your screen. If you deselect that button it’ll lock it to the side of your choice.

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Thanks I appreciate the reply.
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Hey guys,


I figured out how to get my edge panel working after it randomly dissappeared. I went to settings>apps>edge screen>storage>cleared data and cache and then went into permissions and gave it storage access. Edge panel reappeared with all my apps still there.


Hope this helps!

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It disappears when you select Easy Mode.
Change to Standard under Settings/display
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Thank you so much actually it worked thanks for your help

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Also, If your edge panel moves to the left side you just hold it and drag it back to the right side. 

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Mine switched from the right side to the left without me doing anything. I just switched it back by accessing the settings as offered on this thread.


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